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It had been 3 years since Troop 868's last visit to Camp Friedlander in Cincinnati, Ohio.  On this trip we camped in the Chippewa campsite and pretty much had the entire camp to ourselves except for an OA ceremonial team meeting in the dining hall for a few hours on Saturday and some sort of Halloween-related Cub Scout event in the Trailblazer pavilion on Saturday night.  It's a shame the camp wasn't filled with scouts because it turned out to be a beautiful weekend for fall camping.  Rain that had been predicted to last most of the weekend cleared out by mid-day on Friday and skies remained clear throughout the weekend.  The daytime high on Saturday reached 70 degrees and overnight lows both Friday and Saturday nights were in the mid-40's.

Being a 3-hour drive from Shepherdsville, we arrived in camp around 10:30 PM to find the CampMasters waiting for us.  Check-in was quick and we were soon at our campsite setting up.  Because Camp Friedlander uses metal frames that work perfectly with our canvas wall tents, we had everyone "under roof" in record time.  As is normal practice for Troop 868, scouts prepared and ate a late dinner before turning in for the night.

After the late night, we slept until nearly 10 AM Saturday morning.  After a hearty camp breakfast, scouts set about working on various rank or merit badge requirements and the adult leaders set about pressure washing some canvas tents that had been given to the troop in poor condition and needed a thorough cleaning.

On Saturday night we enjoyed a nice bonfire in our campsite before turning in earlier than usual.  The Cobra Patrol failed to secure all their food and a raccoon helped himself to a box of doughnuts and their garbage bag overnight ... but the mess was not severe and their Sunday breakfast was not a total loss.

Following take-down and a worship service in the camp chapel, scouts had several hours on Sunday to explore the camp and just "play around" before the bus trip back home to Shepherdsville.  An "in flight" movie on the bus kept the boys entertained.  We rolled into Shepherdsville within a few minutes of our estimated arrival time.

Gabe, Cody, and Stephen cook pancakes and sausage for Saturday breakfast in the Cobra Patrol. Senior Patrol Leader Tim chops wood for the Saturday night campfire.
Mr. DiEnno (in rain suit) crouches and holds the tent as Mr. Guzman pressure washes the sides. The men later decided that spreading the tents flat on on the concrete floor of a shelter worked better.
Yes, that would be human monkey Adam near the top of a tree that doesn't look sturdy enough to support him (but was). Cody and Gabe climb up a steep embankment as they explore around the camp.
A few of boys had trouble getting out of bed on Sunday morning until Hurricane Bob passed through their Patrol site.  At left is Chris.  Alex, Adam, and Tim are at right.
Chaplain Aide Alex led a Sunday morning worship service at the camp's chapel. Cody poses with a scenic view of the Little Miami River that borders Camp Friedlander in the background.