Troop 868 in Action

GAME NIGHT (December, 2007)

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It's a Troop 868 tradition to do something totally fun (and not necessarily Scouting related) during the week between Christmas and New Year when all the current scouts are on school break and many former scouts are home visiting for the holidays.

For 2007, our Patrol Leaders' Council chose to hold a "Game Night & Lock-In."  The evening started off as a whole family event with parents, siblings, and scouts all invited to bring their favorite board, card, or video game(s) to play.  Around 10 PM, parents and siblings started to head home and scouts hunkered down for an all night marathon of video games.  Playstations, Nintendos, X-Boxes, and Wiis were all in operation running a wide variety of both single and multi-player programs.  Several units were hooked to the Internet with scouts playing unseen opponents on-line.

All but two of the boys managed to stay awake all night, but no one complained about leaving as parents began arriving soon after daybreak to retrieve their tired scouts!  Despite their exhaustion, the guys did a good job of pitching in to clean up the Community Center, sweep the floor, and carry the trash to the dumpster.

Collin and Ethan stared intently at a TV screen. Nick (left) and John (right) watched as Adam took a turn on some video game.
Cody, Gabe, and Collin's brother Brian took turns at another game console. The adults opted for a game of Triominos.  Clockwise from lower left are Mrs. and Mr. Brown, Mr. Guzman, Mr. & Mrs. Guelda, and Ms. Vera.
Gabe looked mesmerized during a round of "Guitar Hero" on a PlayStation 2 system. This crew had 3 X-Box systems linked together and to the Internet and were playing games in teams.
Matt, Cody, Philip, and Dylan played "Halo 2" on another X-Box. Dylan, John, Stephen, and Matt took a short break from the video games, but soon returned to the electronic entertainment.