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Summer Camp @ Camp Geiger (June, 2004)

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For 2004, Troop 868 once again hit the road.  This year, for the first time, we headed westward through St. Louis and on to St. Joseph, Missouri to visit Geiger Scout Reservation.  12 scouts and 2 leaders departed Shepherdsville on the troop bus Wednesday morning June 16 and drove past the famous Gateway Arch mid-afternoon.

Our first stop in Missouri was the Mastadon State Historic Site about 40 miles south of St. Louis.  It was at this site that the largest prehistoric mastadon ever unearthed was found.  But, more importantly, it was at this find that spearheads made by ancient man were found embedded among the dinosaur bones, thus proving that early man hunted the mastadons.  This was a major find for archeological science.  A museum at the site featured a full scale mastadon skeletal model.  A number of tools made by ancient man and even some real mastadon teeth were also on display.  Our afternoon visit also allowed scouts to complete one of the requirements for Archeology Merit Badge.

Our next destination was First Baptist Church in St. Charles, Missouri.  These fine folks graciously allowed us to "camp" in their gymnasium/activity building for several nights.  Using the church as a base of operations, we were able to spend 2 full days in the St. Louis area, returning each evening to sleep in air-conditioned comfort on carpeted floors.  Using their kitchen, we were able to prepare breakfast and dinner on-site at a significant savings over having to dine at restaurants.  They even had showers!  They had a church fellowship dinner and youth worship service on Wednesday night that we attended.  FBC was a true God-send to us and we are very grateful to them for all the hospitality they extended in Christian love.  May God bless them for their kindness and generosity. 

Back Row -- Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Davis, Dave, Joe, Tyler, Tim, Philip, and Scoutmaster Bob Meek.  Front Row -- Aaron, Alex, Trey, Chris, Stephen, Clinton, and Patrick. ASM Chuck Davis and Scoutmaster Bob Meek are presented with a "going away" present from the Troop Committee ... a package of straw toilet "tissue" for the "true outdoorsman."
Scouts browse the museum at the Mastadon State Historic Site south of Saint Louis. It appears that all the "beasts" are together for this photo!
First Baptist Church in St. Charles allowed us to stay in their building for a total of 4 nights during our trip. This is the gymnasium / multi-purpose room where we stayed.  Note the carpeted basketball court.
The game room at First Baptist was a popular hang-out spot for the younger scouts each evening. Older scouts Dave, Joe, and Tyler (headless) prefer private conversation in the room where the boys slept.

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