Troop 868 in Action

GOLF OUTING (July, 2004)

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While working on Golf Merit Badge, the troop made two visits to a local golf course.  The first visit was during our regular troop meeting time and we practiced on the driving range.  We returned during a weekday morning the following week to play a round on their 9-hole course.  The Different Strokes Golf Center where we went (in Fairdale) caters to new golfers, so it was perfect for our group.  Everyone who attended had a great time.

Mr. Vissers and Clinton watch Chris chip his ball out of a sand trap onto the green. Dave and Joe wait while Mr. Guzman putts.
Stephen waits while Tim plays a ball lying in the rough. Chris waits as Clinton prepares to smack one down the fairway.
Aaron prepares to tee off. Dave's turn in the tee box. Joe approaches the green. Tyler watches his putt roll.