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The few weeks between our return from summer resident camp and the start of school are a tough period for most troops as many scouts head off to church camp or squeeze in a visit with out of state relatives.  Troop 868 traditionally uses this time to work on the Golf Merit Badge.

Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman, an avid golfer, first takes a couple of troop meetings to teach the scouts the rules of the game and golf etiquette.  Then we take one meeting night to visit a local driving range and learn (or at least TRY to learn) how to hit a golf ball.  Finally, we make a trip to a local golf course, divide into foursomes, and actually play a round.  Scores are ugly, but it's a lot of fun and a LOT of exercise chasing down golf balls all over the course!

This year we played at Knob View Golf Course in Lebanon Junction, about 10 miles from Shepherdsville.  We played mid-day on a Monday, so there were few other golfers on the course for us to delay; and we were always courteous to let the more experienced and serious golfers "play through."  The folks at Knob View, both workers and other patrons, could not have been nicer to our struggling beginners and everyone had a great time.

Chase plows one out there aiming for the old car that's parked down range.  The car was a popular target for all the boys. Preston tees up a ball as Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman observes.
Scouts Jon, Adam, and Nick. Senior Patrol Leader Alex smiles as he knows he's about to be photographed.  Better concentrate on the ball, Alex!
Spencer prepares to launch that poor little ball into orbit. Scoutmasters Canchola and Meek knew the only way not to embarrass themselves was to be observers.
On game day, Scott prepares to take a shot from the fairway. Adam is actually a pretty fair golfer ... at least among our crew.