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GOLF MERIT BADGE (July~Aug 2010)

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Troop 868 traditionally uses the last couple weeks of July to work on the Golf Merit Badge.  This is a period when many troop families are trying to squeeze in that last family weekend together before the school year resumes and interest in a weekend outing is pretty low.  Golf can pretty easily be done at regular weekly meetings except for the requirement to play an actual round --- and that is best done on a weekday when the course isn't as crowded.  

Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman, an avid golfer, is our counselor.  Mr. G always begins by teaching the rules of the game and golf etiquette.  Then we take one meeting night to visit a local driving range and learn (or at least TRY to learn) how to hit a golf ball.  Finally, we make a trip to a local golf course, divide into foursomes, and play a round.  The scores are always ugly, but it's a lot of fun and a LOT of exercise chasing scouts' golf balls all over the course!

As we have done the past several years, we once again took the boys to Southern Sports driving range.  The owner and resident golf pro even gave our scouts a complimentary lesson on how to hit a golf ball.  We then played a round at the Knob View Golf Course in Lebanon Junction, about 10 miles south of Shepherdsville.  We played mid-day on a Thursday when there were few other golfers on the course for us to annoy by our slow pace.  And we were always courteous to let the more experienced and serious golfers "play through."  The folks at Knob View, both workers and other patrons, could not have been nicer to our struggling beginners and everyone had a great time.

Upon arrival at Southern Sports Driving Range on a Tuesday night, the owner gave our scouts a free golf lesson. Since most of the boys had never before hit a golf ball, they were all ears as he explained how to stand, how to hold the club, etc.
Scouts Chris and Nick had listened carefully and tried to apply what that had heard. Toby was a natural.  He was whacking balls off the practice tee that many experienced golfers would be happy to claim.
Yes, Dylan ... that would be a driver! Southern Sports had plenty of room on their driving range and everyone was able to get a tee box.
Assistant Scoutmaster Hagerman takes careful aim.  He was actually hitting some pretty nice shots! Yes, Nick ... that's EXACTLY what golfers do when they hit a good one!