Troop 868 in Action
(July 2011)

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Each year during the month of July, the troop works on earning the Golf Merit Badge.  Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman is the counselor and directs the activities.  Boys learn the history and rules of the game.  Then, one night during a weekly troop meeting, we take the entire troop to a local driving range where they learn to swing the clubs and actually hit some balls.  Afterward, the group goes and plays a round of golf at Knob View Golf Course in nearby Lebanon Junction.  The course isn't very busy on Mondays or Thursdays, so it's an ideal place for first-time golfers to get out and play without a bunch of serious golfers rushing them.  Boys who put forth the necessary effort can easily earn the Golf Merit Badge.  And parents or scout who already have the merit badge can have fun playing a round of golf and help the new guys learn the sport.

Here we caught Gabe mid-swing.  Looking good! Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman at left, Chase at right.
Thomas at left, Tyler at right. We didn't see how he hit it, but Noah certainly seems to have the correct form.  A future pro golfer, perhaps?
Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Jacobs was belting one ball after another down the range. Preston at left, Nick at right.
Brixton waits and watches as Mr. Guzman hits his ball. Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman.
Scoutmaster Bob Meek. Brixton makes a nice tee shot.