Troop 868 in Action

Green River Lake (June, 2002)

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The PLC wanted to do a "fun" outing with swimming, water skiing and work on aquatics related merit badges.  We rounded up a dad and an uncle with ski boats and we were off to Green River Lake.  SPL Chris made some buoys from milk cartons and BSA Lifeguard Dave directed scouts in marking off a safe area for swimming, administered a swimming ability test, and explained the aquatics "buddy system" to new scouts.  Then, under the direction of Mr. Meek, several scouts were able to complete many of the requirements for Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badges.  But there was also plenty of time for recreational water skiing and tubing.

Because campsites at the state park are small and designed for family rather than scout camping, we camped about 15 miles away on some property owned by the family of one of our scouts.  This gave us room to spread out and operate by the patrol method.  Plus, scouts really prefer truly primitive camping!

After a worship service in camp on Sunday morning, we broke camp and headed back to the lake for a few more hours of swimming and boating before heading for home mid-afternoon.  It was a fun and relaxing weekend despite a few cases of sunburn!

Patrick and Shane prepare breakfast for the Falcon Patrol. (L to R) Ben, James, Tyler, Paul, and Chris wait for sausages to cook in the Cobra Patrol site.
Not exactly Troop 868's usual uniform standards!  Scouts in swim trunks hoist the colors before heading to the lake. Scouts wearing tennis shoes lock arms and wade slowly into the lake to check the depth of the water and determine if the bottom is clear of debris.
BSA Lifeguard Dave conducts a class in Swimming Merit Badge.  (Mr. Meek is the counselor.) A scout heads out to open water for his turn on the tube.
Mr. Mikesell drives as Mr. Guzman declares, "There's no way you'll get me on that thing!" Famous last words!  So, Mr. Guzman, how's the ride?
James holds the rope as he and Aaron demonstrate a line rescue on practice victim Dave. Chaplain Aide Philip reads scripture during an in-camp worship service on Sunday morning.