Troop 868 in Action

Green River Lake (July, 2005)

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Being the weekend after our 15-day summer camp trip to Washington, DC and Camp Marriott, scouts were looking to relax and have fun.  A weekend camping on property owned by Assistant Scoutmaster Tommy Guelda and boating on Green River Lake was just the ticket!  The troop set up camp on Friday evening, had dinner, and settled into bed early to get rested for a day of boating, tubing, and water skiing on Saturday.

After breakfast in camp on Saturday morning, the group boarded the troop bus for a 45 minute drive to Green River Lake.  We established a beachhead in a cove across the lake from the state park.  While some scouts swam and canoed in the calm water of the cove, Mr. Guelda took small groups of scouts in his ski boat to tube and/or ski on the open water.  The skies were overcast and threatened rain, but it was ideal weather for our activities.  The cloudy skies caused most folks to stay home and there were very few other boats on the lake, giving us plenty of room without crowding anyone else.  The lack of sunshine also helped prevent any severe sunburns ... a couple of guys got a little pink, but no one ended the day scorched and miserable.

Because some scouts had departed for family vacations and others were simply "camped out" after summer camp, we had a smaller than usual number of scouts in attendance.  This translated into more water time for those who did make the outing.  By the time we packed up and headed back to our campsite late afternoon, everyone had had their fill of water for the weekend!

The rain finally arrived as we were driving back to camp and we had to cook dinner under our dining tarps.  Figuring that everyone would likely be tired after a day at the lake, we had planned a quick, simple dinner of canned pasta, so the rain wasn't a big obstacle.  After dinner, everyone headed for their tents and dropped of to sleep without delay.  It rained most of the night, but had pretty much ended by Sunday morning. 

After breakfast and an in-camp worship service, part of the group embarked on a hike around the property while others remained in camp and began packing up troop gear while waiting for the canvas tents to dry.  The hikers found several turtles and numerous signs of other wildlife.  By the time the hiker returned to camp, the tents were dry and ready to be taken down.  We got packed up and departed camp about an hour ahead of schedule.  It's a good thing we did, too, because another band of heavy showers struck just as we were driving away!  Had we delayed, we'd have had a whole bunch of wet tents and other gear ... yuck!

Dylan was the first scout on the tube.  That cast on his left arm didn't seem to slow him down!  Adam was next up.  He didn't smile the entire time, so we didn't know whether or not he enjoyed the ride until it ended.  He did.
Patrick found it easier to sit on the tube then lay across it ... easier on the legs ... but harder on the butt! There's a show-off in every group ... on this day, it was Senior Patrol Leader Tim.
Chris enjoyed riding in the boat as much as tubing. After all morning on the water, grilled hot dogs on the beach were a welcome lunch.
On Sunday morning, Chris, Adam (holding pot), and Dylan were first up and started preparing breakfast for their patrol. Patrick discovered that the blackberries were ripe and picked some to put into the pancakes. 
Teamwork is what it's all about!  Asst Scoutmasters Tommy Guelda and Paul Guzman, and Committee Member Steve Kmiec at breakfast in the adult site.
Mid-morning on Sunday, Scouts gathered at a clearing in the woods for a worship service.  After lunch, it was time to take down and fold the canvas; another task that requires everyone working together.