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July is one of those months where it's just tough to plan a full weekend outing ... lots of families on vacation, many scouts going to other camps and/or visiting out-of-town relatives, and the like.  So after our major summer camp trip in June, our PLC decided to make the July troop outing a single-day "fun" event at the Holiday World theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana.  This turned out to be an excellent idea.  Only 6 scouts participated, but they all had a GREAT time.  Lines were relatively short, the weather wasn't too hot, and everyone truly enjoyed the water park.

Holiday World is more of a "family" park than a "thrill" park.  The rides are fun, but relatively tame --- the kinds of attractions that most kids from elementary age up could and would ride --- but not too lame for the sophisticated teenage crowd.  Totally surprising, the largest of their three roller coasters -- the Voyage -- was superior to any other coaster anyone in our group had ever ridden (and this includes the thrill coasters at Cedar Point or Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom).  Not only was the Voyage fast, it was also a good long ride with multiple tunnels and numerous curves.

The water slides and other water rides in the Splashin' Safari water park were particularly popular with our group.  But we also enjoyed the more familiar carnival-type rides like the Scrambler, the Octopus, and the Tilt-A-Whirl (though they were called by different names at Holiday World).  

We arrived shortly after the park opened and stayed until it closed.  Most of the boys fell asleep during the 90-minute drive back to Shepherdsville! 

Patrick, Trey, Stephen, and Tim board The Raven, the smallest of the three coasters at Holiday World. Mr. Guzman and scouts near the lockers in the water park.  The uniform of the day included swim trunks.
Jon, Stephen, Trey, Tim, and Patrick pose for a photo while waiting in line to ride The Voyage roller coaster. Jon and Stephen set to ride The Voyage.
Chris, Stephen, and Jon go "turkey hunting" on a ride where the goal was to shoot turkey targets with laser guns. Tim, Jon, and Trey make ready to ride The Revolution.
At a fountain near the main entrance on our way out, the boys decided to do a "Friends" pose.  (L to R) Ass't Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman, Stephen, TIm, Trey, Patrick, Chris, and Jon. No visit to Holiday World would be complete without having one's photo taken with Santa.  (L to R standing) Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Patrick, Stephen, and Chris. (L to R kneeling) Trey, Jon, and Tim.