Troop 868 in Action
(July 15~16, 2011)

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This was a 2-day backpacking trip conducted on Friday and Saturday.  The original goal was to backpack from the Spurgeon Hollow trailhead to just south of the Elk Creek trailhead on Friday, spend the night along the trail, then continue on to the Leota Trailhead  on Saturday.  Temperatures in the upper 90's and a heat index in excess of 100 coupled with two inexperienced backpackers and the need to carry more than the usual quantity of water made for slower than expected progress on Friday.  Instead of achieving the expected 12 miles, the group managed to complete somewhere between 8~10 miles before one scout simply gave out.  (The exact distance is uncertain because part of the trail was rerouted around a section of the regular trail due to logging operations and the detour was significantly longer than the actual trail, rendering the mile markers inaccurate past that point.)  In any case, the group camped short of the Elk Creek Trailhead on Friday night.  The group reached the Elk Creek Trailhead at noon on Saturday.  We had pre-staged water at the Elk Creek Trailhead, but since it was still another 6 miles to the Leota Trailhead and we'd be hiking during the hottest part of the day, we decided to call it quits and exited the trail at Elk Creek.  Even though we didn't achieve our goal of hiking 18 miles, we did accomplish our primary purpose, which was to introduce our younger scouts to the fun of backpacking.  In that regard, the outing was a success.

Mr. Guzman's attempted to repair his hiking boots with duct tape!  (It didn't work very well.) Thomas and Mr. Guzman hiking along.
John and Thomas were both more than willing to let Spencer cook dinner when the group made camp on Friday night. The 3 scouts decided to share one tent.  Someone rolled against the side in their sleep and the tent looked a bit skewed on Saturday morning!