Troop 868 in Action

Knobstone Trail Campout & Hiking (November, 2001)

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Troop 868 returned to Delaney Park campground the first weekend in November with two objectives for the weekend --- a 10 mile Saturday "day hike" for younger scouts and a longer, overnight backpacking hike for guys seeking more challenge.  Afternoon rain showers had cleared up by the time the troop arrived to establish base camp on Friday night.  Evening temperatures were in the low 40's, so scouts were anxious to crawl into warm sleeping bags as soon as dinner cleanup was completed!

Scouts were back up before sunrise so that the backpackers could be ready to hit the trail at first light.  As one cook crew prepared a hearty breakfast of french toast, another crew made sandwiches for trail lunches.  Seven of the 14 scouts attending opted for the backpacking trip.  Assistant Scoutmasters Bob Meek and Waldo Guzman accompanied them which Scoutmaster Mark Freeman and Committee Member Steve Kmiec escorted the day hikers.  Committee Chairman Ed Berger shuttled between checkpoints and re-supplied the backpackers with water.

The weather was unseasonably warm with daytime highs near 70 both days.  In order to make better time on day 2, the backpackers dropped their packs with Mr. Berger at one of the checkpoints.  Without packs, the hikers averaged better than 2 mph over the hilly terrain from Elk Creek to Leota.  The boys who wanted a challenge had certainly gotten one!

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Aaron and Shane cook dinner as Phillip looks on.
The backpackers are ready to move out.  Front row (L to R) are Tyler, Patrick, and Shane.  Behind (L to R) are Aaron, Alex, Mr. Meek, Paul, Mr. Guzman, and Sam.
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Alex and Aaron trudge down one of the many hills on the trail from Delaney Park to Elk Creek.
The crew decided to make camp on top of a hill near mile marker 34.  (L to R) are Shane, Sam, Patrick, Tyler, Alex, Mr. Guzman, Paul, and Aaron.  (Mr. Meek took the photo.)
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Shane and Sam pause for a photo descending yet another hill on day 2.
For every downhill stretch, an uphill stretch was soon to follow!  Taking a water break (L to R) after one such climb are Aaron, Patrick, Tyler, Sam, Shane, Alex, and Paul.
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The backpackers reached their destination at the Leota trailhead right on schedule.  Whereupon they collapsed and enjoyed plenty of cool water.  (L to R) Aaron, Shane, Tyler, Mr. Guzman, Mr. Meek, Sam, Alex (rear), Patrick, and Paul.  Now joined by the day hikers, the whole crew is pictured (except for Mr. Berger who took the photo).  Additions to the previous photo include David, Florencio, Jason, Justin, Phillip, Mr. Freeman, Ben, Mr. Kmiec, and Chris.