Troop 868 in Action

KidsFest  (March 2006)

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Troop 868 was once again called and asked to assist with the annual KidsFest program hosted by the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce.  For us, KidsFest is very much a service opportunity, but one that our guys enjoy doing.

We were among the first to arrive on Saturday morning and scouts were quickly put to work helping with last minute physical arrangements (like moving tables and chairs) and with helping exhibitors carry stuff to their assigned booths.  As starting time approached, the folks who were supposed to be "greeters" and hand out "goodie bags" at the doors has not arrived, so several scouts were drafted to perform that duty.  Other scouts were put to work helping with a very popular child-ID booth that was short-staffed and still others were assigned to "litter patrol."  The latter group circulated through the exhibit hall sweeping up litter, mopping up soda spills, and emptying trash barrels throughout the day.  Scouts rotated jobs about every hour so that everyone would get treated equally.

Each scout was asked to work half the day but several enjoyed helping out so much that they worked from open to close.  After the event shut down mid-afternoon, scouts and scoutmasters helped sweep the exhibit hall and carried all the accumulated garbage outside to the dumpsters.  Its always amazing how much trash can be generated in such a short period of time!  With many helpers, however, the clean-up operation was accomplished in just under an hour.

Chris munches on some popcorn while he pulls a shift manning Troop 868's information booth. J.D. spent several hours on his knees taking photos of children for Child-ID cards.
Philip and Tim make their rounds through the main exhibit hall during their shift as "Litter Control Engineers." Being older, Philip got to "drive" the cart which left Tim to man the broom and dustpan.