Troop 868 in Action

Bullitt County KidsFest (March, 2007)

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Troop 868 scouts were once again asked to lend assistance at the annual Bullitt County KidsFest event.  Scouts were among the to arrive on Saturday morning to move tables and chairs, hang signs, help other groups carry in supplies and materials for their booths, and generally assist where needed.  During the day, scouts helped out in booths that were short staffed, cleaned up spills, and helped with some of the special program events.  They also managed to staff an information table about Scouting in case anyone wanted to get their son involved in either Cub or Boy Scouting.

After the event ended mid-afternoon, scouts helped with clean-up by sweeping floors, running vacuum cleaners, and carrying dozens of trash bags and boxes to the dumpsters.  As they were leaving, they were unexpectedly rewarded with coupons for a free meal at a local pizza restaurant.

Chris jokes around while manning the troop's information table. Stephen operates a vacuum cleaner, proving that Boy Scouts can do housekeeping work.