Troop 868 in Action

Merit Badge University (March, 2002)

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Merit Badge University is a Cherokee District event held each year in late February or early March.  The 2002 event was hosted by St. Gabriel Catholic Church.  Scouts and counselors from numerous units gather to work on a variety of merit badges, most of which can be completed in 4~6 hours.

Scouts in an Electricity Merit Badge class wanted to know, "When do we get to play with the wires and batteries?" John Thurman, Scoutmaster of Troop 212 sponsored by Southeast Christian Church, worked with scouts on Cinematography Merit Badge.
Troop 868 scouts Jeff, Jon, Ben, Alex, and Aaron listened in a Fingerprinting Merit Badge class. Each scout in the Fingerprinting Merit Badge class made a set of their own prints to study.
Scouts discussed different organizations and agencies that assist those with special needs in a Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge class. Scouts studied the anti-counterfeiting features of U.S. currency in Crime Prevention Merit Badge.
Troop 868 scouts David and Chris were among those taking Indian Lore Merit Badge. A police officer taught a class in Traffic Safety Merit Badge.
Scouts lined up for a classic lunch of burgers and hot dogs. Coordinator Ray Hart chats with a scout.