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2008 was another record setting year for Troop 868's annual Merit Badge University program.  More than 700 scouts from 81 different troops attended.  We estimate that somewhere between 1,200~1,600 merit badges were fully completed.  Scouts were offered counselor-instructed classes on 55 different merit badges ranging from American Labor and Auto Mechanics to Truck Transportation and Woodwork.  Included in the program were 10 of the 12 Eagle-required badges and elective badges such as Art, Aviation, Computers, Cinematography, Coin Collecting, Crime Prevention, Electricity, Electronics, Engineering, Fish & Wildlife Management, Graphic Arts, Indian Lore, Journalism, Leatherwork, Nature, Nuclear Science, Plumbing, Public Health, Public Speaking, Railroading, Space Exploration,  Traffic Safety, and more! 

The event ran smoothly and the day was a tremendous success due to the willingness of scout leaders and involved parents from dozens of troops to pitch in and lend a hand to help with all the "behind the scenes" logistics of transporting scouts to numerous off-site locations and feeding lunch to nearly 1,000 hungry people with no one having to wait in line more than 10 minutes!  Awesome.

Classes at MBU are very much like classes in school, with counselors teaching and students listening and learning. Troop 868 Scouter Clinton Vissers counseled both the Coin Collecting and Collections Merit Badges.
Experienced Scouter Jim Fitzgerald counseled the Electricity MB as he has for many years. Registrar Christie Vissers visited Mike DiEnno's class on the Environmental Science MB.  Both are associated with T-868.
Scouts working on Leatherworking MB stitched their almost finished projects. Scout leader Russ Fallon from Troop 320 taught the Nuclear Science Merit Badge class.
The classroom setting of Bullitt Lick Middle School helped scouts keep focused on the task at hand.  Because scouts were able to choose subjects that interested them, the vast majority were motivated students.
Class size was limited to insure quality instruction.  This class on Public Health MB had only 12 students. Scouts listened to Troop 8 Scoutmaster Steve Hess talk about Chemistry.  Steve is another of MBU's long-time counselors.

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