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(February 2009)

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To say that Troop 868's Merit Badge University program is successful would be a bit of an understatement.  It has been phenomenally successful!  This was the 7th year for the annual program that is always held on the last Saturday of February.  MBU 2009 offered the 962 scouts that registered an opportunity to choose from 70 different merit badges.  Overall, counselors taught more than 160 individual classes.  Total attendance (including our "faculty" of counselors plus all the leaders and parents who accompanied scouts to the event) was nearly 1,500 people.  Over 90 different units (troops and venture crews) attended representing 4 different councils.

We believe Troop 868's Merit Badge University program is the largest single day event exclusively for Boy Scouts in the state of Kentucky.

Of course, no single troop could hope to conduct a program of this magnitude without a huge amount of outside help.  Our program has been blessed to have dozens of scout leaders from other units volunteer as counselors.  We have also enjoyed the support of numerous federal, state, county, and city agencies as well as local businesses.  Certainly not least among these is the Bullitt County Public School system and the principal and staff at Bullitt Central High School.

The photos that follow are snapshots of various merit badge classes in session.  It should be obvious from the pictures that learning and earning merit badges is the task at hand; and both our counselors and the scouts who attend are focused on that objective.

Our sincere thanks to all the volunteer counselors, scout leaders, and parents who contribute their time and energy every year to make Merit Badge University possible.

Steve Peyton, manager of Tandy Leather Company in Louisville, showed his Leatherworking MB students how to stain leather. Counselor Rita Walker played Jeopardy with the guys in her Citz in the Nation MB class using facts about the federal government.
Shepherdsville Police Officer Kevin Roy counseled the Fingerprinting Merit Badge.  Let's hope, fellas, this is the only time in your life you'll ever have a police officer taking your fingerprints!
Counselor John Sharp instructed boys on the Archaeology Merit Badge. Counselor Mike DiEnno gave a scout some individual help as boys did some seat work for the Environmental Science MB.

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