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March was a busy month for Troop 868.  Following on the heels of Merit Badge University and looking ahead to a "road trip" to visit the NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama during school spring break week, the unit decided to do a day hike of the Mogan Ridge Trail near Tell City, Indiana mid-month.

Mogan Ridge is a combination walking, biking, horseback riding trail at the edge of the Hoosier National Forest.  As such, it is an easy walking trail by Boy Scout standards.  The trail is a large "figure 8" and hiking the perimeter is a nice 11.4 mile walk that can easily be completed in around 6 hours.

Of course, in typical Troop 868 style, we didn't realize a locked gate near the trailhead with a "Road Closed" sign posted was part of the trail, so missed the first turnoff and ended up hiking the first loop of the figure-8 in the wrong direction!  This caused us to have to re-hike the middle section of the trail a total of 3 times and added 3.2 miles to our route, making for a total hike of 14.6 miles.  Still very do-able, but 28% longer than we had expected.  The older guys didn't really notice the extra distance, but the younger scouts were dragging at the end.

Our crew included 2 Webelos, 2 prospective members, and an older scout from another local troop who was training for a trip to Philmont and carried a full backpack.

We completed the hike shortly after 6 PM, boarded the troop bus, and went to a local buffet restaurant for dinner before heading home to Shepherdsville.  Over half the group fell asleep during the bus ride home.

Hikers Jonathan, Matt, Cody, Kraig (front row); Adam, Dalton, Spencer, Austin (middle row); and Mr. Guzman, Connor, Brandon, Drew (back row). The trail was wide enough in most places for scouts to walk shoulder to shoulder with their buddies.  The temperature was in the 40s when we started but reached nearly 70 by afternoon.
Pack 868 Webelos Scout Jonathan didn't have any problems, but Austin seems to have a shirt tail out of control! Our resident tree climbers --- Adam and Dalton --- perched on a branch of their latest conquest.
Austin poses for a "Kodak moment." Mr. Guzman and Connor shared a log during the lunch break.
After a morning of hiking, Cody and Matthew were ready to eat when the group finally took a lunch break. Holy 1960's Batman ... Drew flashes us a peace sign. 
Trekking down a hill later in the afternoon, Jonathan and Austin are both still doing fine. Mr. Guzman chats with Matthew, Cody, and Austin while waiting for some "turtles" to catch up.
Cody, Kraig, and Spencer carefully choose their paths across a creek.  Backpack and all, Brandon kept right on truckin' up one of the gentle inclines.