Troop 868 in Action

McKee Scout Reservation (April, 2002)

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Our visit to Camp McKee during Spring Break was a 4-day event.  We arrived in camp on Thursday morning and scouts spent most of that afternoon "personalizing" their campsites with fences, gates, and other pioneering projects.  Though dry and sunny, temperatures were on the cool side in the mid-50's.  On Friday, the group hiked the Pioneer Mountain Trail which circles the perimeter of the camp's property.  Several hours on Saturday morning were consumed by a PLC Meeting, our first held in a camp situation.  Saturday afternoon allowed time for several scouts to finish up First Aid Merit Badge and also some canoeing on the camp's lake.  One boy even took "the polar bear plunge" when he capsized his canoe and took a dip in the 40 degree water!  Sunday morning brought bright sun and warmer temperatures as the troop held a worship service and broke camp.  All in all, our visit to McKee was a terrific and relaxing trip.

Dave, Alex, and Chris visit with each other on "the patio" behind Chris' tent.  Neighbor Tyler peers over the fence. Tyler (left) and Jeff learn that tomato soup and crackers don't make a very hearty dinner for hungry campers in the Cobra Patrol.
Breakfast, however, is better.  Ben is shown preparing scrambled eggs. Hikers pause for a group photo near the mid-way point of the Pioneer Mountain Trial.  (Back row, L to R) Dave, Tyler, Jeff, Mr. Guzman.  (Front row, L to R) Patrick, Philip, Paul, Shane, Alex, and Aaron.  (Mr. Meek is behind the camera!)
Where the trail crossed a creek, some hikers just had to go wading -- Jeff and Aaron among them. Patrick and Jeff check out fossils in a rock.
Safely back in camp, Philip and Patrick find time to roast some marshmallows mid-afternoon. Mr. Meek and Mr. Guzman show off the gate they engineered for the adult campsite.
Chris' "patio" seemed to be a popular gathering spot in the evenings.  (L to R) Shane, Alex, Chris, Paul, and Aaron.  That's Patrick's head at lower left! Philip and Tyler huddle in another corner.  Note the water jug rigged with rope so that it could be poured from across the "patio."  Hummm.  This has all the marks of an Alex project!
Scouts crowd into a tent in the adult site for a Saturday morning PLC Meeting.  SPL Chris (at the far end of the table) leads the meeting. Aaron and Shane team up to prepare box oven pizza for Friday dinner in the Falcon Patrol.
Chris chops some firewood on Saturday afternoon. The troop gathers around a healthy campfire in the Falcon Patrol site for some skits on Saturday night.  Any of you guys ever consider cutting the wood?
Who says the leaders don't wash their own dishes?  Mr. Guzman and Mr. Meek share KP duty. Mr. Freeman, assisted by Chaplain Aide Philip, conducts a worship service on Sunday morning.