Troop 868 in Action
CAMP McKEE (February 2010)

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Troop 868 has tent camped at Camp McKee and hiked the Pioneer Mountain Trail several times, but this was the first time we had stayed in one of the camp's lodges.  For this trip, we reserved Keeneland Lodge.  This lodge used to be the camp dining hall prior to construction of a newer, larger dining hall a couple of years ago.  The commercial stoves and kitchen equipment had been relocated to the new dining hall and standard residential appliances had been installed in the former kitchen.  This, of course, was fine for troop cooking.  The lodge also featured a gas furnace (forced air heat) and canvas cots.

Because we were indoors and comfortable, we were able to accomplish an amazing amount of scout advancement.  Several boys working requirements for the Cooking Merit Badge prepared several outstanding meals, including some chili that had boys scraping the bottom of the pot trying to get a third serving!  Three second-year Webelos from Pack 868 tagged along and, with the help of the Boy Scouts, were able to earn several Activity Pins they needed to complete their Arrow of Light Awards.

A light dusting of snow was still on the ground from earlier in the week and scouts were able to observe a host of different animal tracks.  The number of critters that wander about was amazing.  On Saturday afternoon we hiked a portion of the Pioneer Mountain Trail.

Breakfast is always a popular meal.  Pancakes seemed to hit the spot on Saturday morning. Sitting around the fireplace is also an ever-popular activity.  Shown are Austin, Tyler, and Toby.
Falcon Patrol Leader Jon showed Spencer how to do lashings in the comfort of Keeneland Lodge. Afterward, Spencer was able to complete a pioneering project; the last requirement he needed to become First Class.
Boy Scouts Tyler, Nick, and Jon spent time working with Webelos Cub Scouts Jonathan, Toby, and Austin. As a result of this effort, all three Cubs were able to complete their Arrow of Light Awards and have since joined Troop 868.
On Saturday afternoon, we hiked a portion of the Pioneer Mountain Trail which rings the property. Because of the snow, scouts were able to see an amazing number of animal tracks.
For Saturday evening's meal, Spencer cooked a pot of chili. Judging from the fire in his eyes, the chili may have been a bit on the hot side ... but Toby didn't seem to mind.
Actually, the chili was fantastic and scouts scraped the bottom of the pot lest any be wasted.  For Sunday morning breakfast, Dalton served oatmeal to the group.
That would be Tyler standing on the porch of Keeneland Lodge. As we prepare to leave camp on Sunday afternoon, Toby, Austin, and Spencer pause for a photo.
As we departed camp, we stopped for a photo by the camp sign.  The camp ranger was kind enough to take the photo, so everyone is included.  Left side:  ASM Mike Canchola, Spencer, Austin, Dalton, and Jon.  Right side:  SPL Nick, Jonathan, Tyler, Tody, Scoutmaster Bob Meek, and Pack 868 Webelos Den Leader Mike Troxell.