Troop 868 in Action
(February 11~12, 2011)

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Our troop generally doesn't go back to many of the same places in successive years, but everyone had such a good time cabin camping at Camp McKee near Mt. Sterling, Kentucky last February that our Patrol Leaders' Council decided to go back again this year.  We stayed in Keeneland Lodge, which is the camp's former dining hall.  The part of the lodge we used had forced air heat ... more "Holiday Inn" than scout camping, but an ideal setting to work on lots of scout advancement.  While younger scouts explored the camp and working on outdoor requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class, most of the older boys met inside with Scoutmaster Meek to work on the Camping Merit Badge.  An indoor kitchen was a rare treat for our group.  Spencer once again delighted the group on Saturday night with his delicious chili.  The weekend was very productive in terms of scout advancement.

A group photo as we departed camp on Sunday afternoon.  (L to R) ASM Jeff Hagerman, Gabe, Chase, Kraig, Spencer, Adam, Nick, Preston, Conor, Brixton, Toby, Thomas, Dylan, Connor, Drew, and Tyler.  Photo taken by ASM Mike Canchola.  Scoutmaster Bob Meek was completing camp check-out with the ranger and the group didn't wait!  Very thoughtful, huh?
A view of the lake as one enters the camp.  The new dining hall is visible on the far side of the lake. Saturday lunch consisted of soup and open-faced cheese buns.  The group gathered for prayer before eating.
(seated clockwise around the table) Thomas, Gabe, Chase, Connor, Drew, Toby, Dylan, Adam, Preston, and Nick.  Tyler is standing. (after some shifting) Chase, Connor, Drew, Scoutmaster Meek, Toby, Brixton, Spencer, Dylan, Adam, and Nick.
Gabe has always had a fondness for peanut butter, and the availability of soda crackers was just too much for him to resist.  We hope he enjoyed his multi-layer peanut butter cracker snack as much as we enjoyed watching him try to eat it.  
Preston and Drew taking a turn at dish duty.  The scouts in formation prior to Saturday evening's meal.
The group decided to forego the usual Saturday night campfire in favor of playing cards. Nick protests a hand he lost to his father, but he seems to be getting little sympathy from Chase or Adam.
ASM Mike Canchola, ASM Jeff Hagerman, Dylan, Connor, Nick, and Adam in the kitchen on Sunday morning. The troop assembles on Sunday morning to pledge the flag and pray before breakfast.
For the second month in a row, ASM Jeff Hagerman delivered a sermon for our Sunday morning worship service. (L to R) Lining up for Sunday lunch are Dylan, Thomas, Gabe, Drew, Preston, Tyler, and Toby.