Troop 868 in Action

"Basic Scouting" Campout (October, 2001)

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Troop 868 defines a "basic scouting" campout as one where the main focus of the weekend is on practicing scoutcraft skills.  Such campouts help newer scouts achieve Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class advancement requirements; and provide older scouts an opportunity to work on merit badges such as Cooking and Wilderness Survival.   This particular outing was held on property owned by one of the troop's Assistant Scoutmasters.  As always, Troop 848 operated on the Patrol Method.

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Mr. Freeman works with Jeff on some advancement requirements in the adult campsite.
Life Scout Paul finds time to complete some paperwork for Environmental Science Merit Badge in the Cobra campsite.
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Some of the troop's younger scouts backpack into camp to satisfy a Second Class requirement.  That's Justin drinking from his canteen.   Ben, Philip, and Jason complete the crew.
The Stag Patrol sits down to have lunch on Saturday.   Clockwise from lower left are Jason, Justin, Dave, Ben, and Philip.
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Aaron helps Philip with his knots in the Falcon campsite.   How many times do you guys have to be reminded not to sit on the coolers?
Falcon Patrol members Florencio, Aaron, and Alex munch on some fresh french fries.  It's amazing what can be cooked over a campfire if one knows how to do it!
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Justin, Dave, Jason, and Paul enjoy a friendly card game after the campfire on Saturday night.
There's also time for play as shown by this Sunday afternoon game of frisbee.  Pictured (L to R) are Paul, Ben, Dave, Alex, and Aaron.
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Campers gather and prepare for Sunday morning worship.
Jeffrey prepares to read a Bible verse as Mr. Freeman helps keep the pages from blowing.
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The fires are out.  The tents are all down and folded.   All the gear has been loaded onto the bus.  The last thing to be done before leaving camp is to retire the colors.