Troop 868 in Action

MAMMOTH CAVE (Dec, 2005)

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During the week between Christmas and New Year, while school is out of session, the troop took a day trip to Mammoth Cave National Park.  This outing was more for recreation and fellowship than Scouting; and scouts were allowed to invite friends and family to tag along.

Mammoth Cave is located only about 90 miles south of Shepherdsville, so the trip took less than 2 hours on the troop bus.  Normally the Christmas holidays are among the least popular time of the year for people to visit the park, so we had hoped to get a near private tour ... but this was not to happen as the tour we chose was a filled to capacity.  We took the Historic Tour that both enters and exits through the natural entrance and winds underground for roughly 3 miles, passing many of the Cave's most famous features and formations.

After the formal tour, many in our group walked some of the short surface trails to see where the River Styx exits Mammoth Cave to flow into the Green River.  That group also got to see the mouth of Morgan's Cave, a much smaller cave near the natural entrance to Mammoth that is a popular habitat for bats.  (And, no, we didn't enter the cave or see any bats ... they would have been hibernating in December and disturbing them would have endangered them.)

Even digital "low light" photography seldom captures good images inside the cave, and we refrained from flash photography out of courtesy to others, so all the photos below were taken on the surface.  You'll just have to take our word that Mammoth Cave is nothing short of "awesome" and well worth visiting.

The River Styx, home to the famous blind fish, flows though Mammoth Cave and into the Green River. The Green River really is green, as Matt, Chris, and Scoutmaster Meek observed.
Dylan poses near a large tree along one of the trails that had been hollowed out -- probably by lightning. Scoutmaster Meek acted as if he were stuck in the tree, but Matt was determined to free him.
Philip, Scoutmaster Meek, Tim, and John waited on a bridge for fellow scouts to come join them.