Troop 868 in Action
NYLT 2011
(July 17~22, 2011)

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National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a week-long training program for patrol leaders and other troop officers.  We sent four of our PLC members to take the course offered by the Blue Grass Council at Camp McKee.  One boy had a medical problem at camp and had to come home early.  This was a great disappointment for him, but these things happen.  The other three scouts completed the course and all reported that they had a wonderful experience and learned a great deal.  Scoutmaster Meek took the boys to Camp McKee and picked them up at the end of the course.  Thus, the few photos we have are from check-in and the closing ceremony.  On the way home, the group stopped for dinner and the boys talked with Mr. Meek about their week and what they had learned about leadership.

Pausing for a photo before check-in are Falcon Patrol Leader Connor, Troop Quartermaster Spencer, Troop Scribe Tyler, and Beaver Patrol Leader Gabe. This is the covered porch adjoining the camp Trading Post.  The speakers, popcorn machine, and decorations suggest the NYLT troop may have had a party here one night during the week?
NYLT was held the week after summer resident camping ended, so the campsites were still outfitted with canvas wall tents.  This is a typical campsite at Camp McKee. After breaking camp on Friday afternoon, boys in each patrol carried their gear to an area near the camp's amphitheatre and formed a pack line.  Spencer is the scout at far left.
Members of the Blue Patrol carried their gear to the designated area then headed to Keeneland Lodge for Friday dinner. The closing ceremony began with the NYLT troop marching to the amphitheatre by patrols.  Patrols had different color caps.
As the scouts marched into the council ring, a fleur-de-lis provided an inspiring backdrop. The metal frame had been wrapped in cloth and soaked with kerosene to provide the burning image of Scouting.
Connor marched in with other members of the Blue Patrol. The staff guides introduced their respective patrols who then lined up around the stage.
A lighted lantern representing the light of knowledge was passed around.  As it came to each boy, that scout told what they had liked best about the NYLT program.  Connor has the lantern in the photo at left; Gabe in the photo at right.
Spencer has the lantern. Participants were then called up individually.  NYLT Scoutmaster Jay Gilbert presented each graduate with a certificate and a "Trained" patch to wear on their uniform.  This is Spencer.
Gabe receiving his recognition. Connor was either so excited or so anxious to go home that he failed to pause for a photo during the handshake.