Troop 868 in Action
Okolona Little League Parade
(April 10, 2010)

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For each of the past half-dozen or so years, Troop 868 has provided a color guard to lead the season opening parade for the Okolona Little League Baseball Association.  The parade takes a route from the parking lot of a local Home Depot to the baseball fields located behind Southern High School --- a total distance of about a half-mile.  Metro Police block Preston Highway and clear the road of traffic.  The parade includes trucks from the Okolona Fire Department, various local dignitaries, and, of course, nearly a thousand baseball players and their coaches.  And Troop 868 scouts get to lead the procession.

At the ballpark, scouts take up a position between the pitcher's mound and second base as the ball players file in and fill the outfield.  Someone sings the national anthem and everyone pledges the flag.  Then several officials each make a few brief remarks before the players head off to various other fields to play their first games.

Performing this community service is always a pleasure for our unit and the Cub Scout from Pack 868.  It's also good publicity for both units.

Troop 868 scouts Spencer, Drew, and Chase took positions at the front of the parade as it formed up in Home Depot's parking lot. Pack 868 Cub Scouts who came out were given the duty of holding the Pack and Troop banners.
Scout leaders from both Troop 868 and Pack 868 marched with the scouts.  The group included Den Leaders Melanie Douglas and Tom Gordon, Pack Committee Chair Tonya Gordon, Troop Committee Chair Andy Rodabaugh, Cubmaster Steven Frank, and Scoutmaster Bob Meek. Wolf Cub Scouts Matthew and Kenneth did a good job with the Pack 868 banner.
Boy Scout Douglas carried the Troop flag.  Webelos Cub Scout Adam held the Pack flag. Boy Scouts Drew and Chase carried the American and Kentucky flags, respectively.
The parade proceeded south down the middle of Preston Highway for about mile. In then turned and went through the parking lot of Southern High School en route to the ball fields located behind the school.
The scouts then took up positions in the infield while they waited for the ballplayers to arrive. Drew and Chase.
Tiger Cub Scout Thomas, Bear Cub Scout Michael, and Wolf Cub Scout Trevor held the Troop banner. Wolf Cub Scouts Matthew and Kenneth with the Pack banner.
Soon, nearly 1,000 little league players, coaches, and parents arrived and filled the outfield.  The scouts continued to present the colors as the national anthem was sung and several dignitaries made a few short short speeches.