Troop 868 in Action

PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA (Fall, 2007)

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One of the ways Troop 868 parents help their sons pay for our annual summer camp trips is by selling Papa John's Pizza at UofL Papa John's Cardinal Stadium during all University of Louisville home football games and a few high school events.  Workers must be at least 16 years old (21 at events where beer is sold), so this is primarily an activity for troop parents.  The troop began working for Papa John's before the new stadium was built and UofL was playing at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center.  Papa John's has been very good to our troop and, as shown in the photos that follow, we really enjoy working for them.

Assistant Scoutmasters Waldo Guzman and Chuck Davis cook and box pizzas along with troop mom Deanna Jarrell. Troop mom Krista Mohr waits on a customer.
Karen leaves no doubt about her loyalty to the home team as she gives a big "C" for the UofL Cardinals. Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Guelda chats with a customer.
Troop Committee Member Mike DiEnno prepares to add the toppings to a couple of pizzas. Older scouts Tim and Stephen work in our "satellite" stand where no beer is sold.
Troop parents Tom Kallin and Deanna Jarrell pause from kitchen duty to smile for the camera. Denise, Krista, Karen, and Donna are ready and waiting as fans begin to arrive for a Saturday afternoon game.
Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman engaged in a bit of horseplay with Committee Secretary Mike DiEnno. Troop Treasurer Denise Guelda coordinates the whole show and serves as our liaison with Papa Johns.
Ultimately, it's all about serving fresh, hot pizza to hungry football fans as quickly as possible. Assistant Scoutmasters Waldo Guzman and Tom Guelda folded boxes during a pause in bread stick production.
Troop mom Donna Canchola flashed the kind of smile that
keeps customers coming back.
Committee Chairman Sam Borquez and his wife Ruth posed for a photo.