Troop 868 in Action

PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA (Fall, 2008)

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Troop 868 is blessed to have many parents willing to support the troop's fundraising efforts and help their sons earn money to pay for our annual summer camp trip in the process.  One of the projects we've done since the troop's founding is to sell Papa John's Pizza at University of Louisville home football games and other events held at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.  Older scouts (at least 16 years old) can work in some areas, but because beer is sold at most venues, this is primarily an activity for troop parents.  Following are candid photos of workers at various games during the 2008 football season.  As is obvious, working PJ is not that hard and most parents actually enjoy doing it.

The stand at UofL Papa John's Cardinal Stadium that Troop 868 has operated since the stadium opened. Troop mom Sheree Williams and Scout Stephen Guelda work in the satellite drink stand that we also operate.
The "Vissers Brothers" make bread sticks.  Clint Vissers, Jr. (the dad) and Clinton Vissers, III (the son) make a good team. Troop dad Mike Canchola, ASM David Meek, and troop mom Heather DiEnno work in the kitchen slicing and boxing pizza.
Out front selling pizza and drinks are troop moms Sheree Williams, Sandy Kmiec, Donna Canchola, and Denise Guelda. Troop dad Mike Canohola is bagging bread sticks as troop dad Tom Kallin carries something hot from the oven.
Troop mom Ruth Pascual rings up a sale in the satellite stand. Troop mom Donna Canchola stands ready to assist the next customer.
Our stand during the 3rd quarter with UofL leading.  We're too busy at half-time to take photos when things are really crowded! Troop mom Ruth Pascual and soon-to-be troop mom Debbie Hagerman (her son is a 2nd year Webelos) work in the satellite.
Troop 868 Eagle Scout Chris Kmiec, home from college for Christmas break, helped out during the high school playoffs. Scoutmaster Bob Meek (center) chatted with Pack 868 fathers Steve Frank and Leo Heppler after the half-time sales rush.
Taking a break from the cash registers, Troop moms Denise Guelda and Donna Canchola both feasted on Papa John's pizza. Soon-to-be Troop 868 parent Jeff Hagerman came straight from work and was happy to finally have a chance to eat some dinner.