Troop 868 in Action
(Saturday, October 27, 2012)

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The Patrol Leaders' Council came up the idea of holding a Pancake Breakfast as a troop fundraiser.  As luck would have it, one of the men in the troop had been a scout in another local troop that has conducted a pancake breakfast for many years.  Mr. Cashon stepped up and volunteered to chair the event, so the Troop Committee endorsed the idea.  Since pack 868 had reserved the Community Center for a Halloween Party that night, the Troop decided to hold our first annual Pancake Breakfast on the last Saturday of October.

Like all first time events, we had a few glitches, but overall the event ran well and was a good success.  Everyone agreed afterward that this is something we need to continue to do on an annual basis.

Chase greeted customers at the door and escorted them to a table. Troop parent Melanie Douglas filled plates that scouts then served to customers.  Lined up are Eric, Alex, Noah, and Spencer.
Pack 868 Webelos Scout Tony poured coffee.  Getting food to serve to customers (L to R) are Noah, Preston, and Nicholas. Pack 868 Webelos Scout Martin filled cups with syrup at the serving line.
Troop parent Brad Maddox cooked at the propane grill, Tony and Gavin prepped the food, and Nicholas waited to get a plate for a customer. Nicholas circulated through the room to see it anyone needed more food, a beverage refill, or anything else.
Many Pack and Troop families showed up and many of the Cub Scouts came in uniform. The scouts did a good job taking care of our customers.