Troop 868 in Action
Battle of Perryville State Shrine
(October, 1999)

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In October 1862, Confederate forces advancing north with orders to capture Louisville and Union forces moving south to meet a Southern army that was rumored to be forming happened upon each other near the small town of Perryville, Kentucky.  The Union force was considerably larger but spread out.   Neither side was expecting nor ready for battle, but the Rebels, not realizing how outnumbered they were, attacked the Yankees with a passion.  In what proved to be one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, the Confederates are credited with winning the fight.  However, there was so much confusion on both sides, the Confederates didn't realize they had won and retreated!  When Union reinforcements arrived, there was so much carnage that the Union General chose not to pursue the retreating Rebel Army.  As a result of his decision not to chase after them, he was later removed from his command.  Though the Union "lost" the Battle of Perryville, the Confederate Army never attempted any more campaigns so far north into Kentucky.  Hence, this battle is considered a turning point of the Civil War.  Each year on the anniversary of the battle, a reenactment is staged and Scout troops are allowed to camp in one of the fields where soldiers fought and died.

A confederate regimen is engulfed in the smoke of musket fire during a reenactment.

An artillery battery prepares for battle.

The Confederate Cavalry advances.