Troop 868 in Action

Troop Picnic (October, 2001)

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The Troop Committee decided to host a troop picnic as an opportunity for parents of newer scouts to meet other troop members and their parents.  A good time was had by all.   The best part was that the Troop Committee members did all the work, so even the Scoutmasters got to relax and enjoy the day!

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SPL Dave entertains the troops. Scoutmaster Mark Freeman and Assistant Scoutmasters Ed Berger and Bob Meek pose wearing patriotic red, white, and blue caps.
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Canoeing proved to be a popular activity. The older teens all liked to hang out on the dock.
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:Take a picture, mom!  Take a picture! Dave, Paul, Sam, Chris, and Alex.  One can only imagine what they're cooking up?
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Meanwhile, the adults are still busy feeding their faces up the hill. Mr. & Mrs. Kmiec and Mrs. McBride all pose for the camera.  Mr. Berger (as usual) is oblivious!
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Mr. O'Field gathers the scouts around and prepares to hand out some door prizes.
Can somebody please tell us why these guys are all standing in formation at a picnic???
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After dinner, the parents stand around wondering who's going to be the first to tip the canoe.
Mr. McBride and Mr. Freeman discuss their wager?  Mrs. McBride appears to have a son in the boat!
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Philip plays badminton with Shane's younger brothers.