Troop 868 in Action

Troop Picnic (October, 2002)

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Troop 868's parent committee sponsored the second annual troop family picnic in early October.  A classic picnic meal of grilled burgers and hot dogs was followed by a pickup game of football where several folks learned just how hard some of our parents' heads can be!  Those who were less inclined toward physical contact sports enjoyed yard games or just an afternoon of conversation.  Many of the football players then decided to take a late afternoon dip in the pool despite an outdoor temperature in the 50's.  The water wasn't too chilly as long as one was splashing about --- but standing around and getting out was a little on the cool side.  But Scouts are tough and a good time was had by all.

Sandlot football at its best ... a grassy field, no referees, rules made up as you go, and a group of kids and adults who just love the game despite limited skill at playing it.  Mr. Roehrig's team won both games ... but everyone left the field smiling ... and that's what really mattered.
Did someone say "Polar Bear" swim? Parents lined the deck to watch their kids freeze.  CHICKENS!!! 
Mr. Meek seems to have had enough for one afternoon.  Could someone direct me to the hot tub? Some parents passing the afternoon in conversation.
Parents playing yard games with younger siblings.