Troop 868 in Action

Campout on Pike's Farm (March 16-18. 2001)

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Mr. Pike, grandfather of one of our scouts, invited the Troop to camp on his farm for a weekend.  A cold front came through on Thursday bringing a steady rain on Thursday night and all day Friday.  The Troop ventured forth on Friday afternoon in drizzle and set up camp on wet ground.  Overnight lows were just above freezing and gusty winds flapped against the canvas all night long, but the guys had done a good job of getting everything securely staked and nothing blew down.   Saturday was cloudy but free of rain.  The daytime high was in the low 40's.   Most of Saturday afternoon was spent sawing a downed tree into logs to construct a Huckleberry Finn style raft.  The intent was to get across a 6 foot deep, 100 foot wide creek at the edge of the property to constuct a rope bridge.  The raft was successfully constructed, but following a float test, the boys (wisely) decided that it didn't have enough bounancy to keep a scout high enough above water to make a dry crossing possible and the bridge across the creek project was scrapped in favor of a dry land bridge constructed the following day.

P3170152.jpg (296892 bytes)
Alex, Chris, Shane, and Sam at work sawing logs for a raft.  Sam and Shane team up as the cut gets deeper and tougher to saw.
Shane, Dave (standing in foreground), Alex (standing in background), and Florencio in the Falcon Patrol site. After dinner, Alex and Dave take their turn at doing the dishes.
Chris and Sam chow down around the campfire in
the Cobra Patrol's site. 
Jacob and Paul pull KP duty on Saturday night. .
Mr. Meek reads from the Bible during Sunday
morning worship. 
On Sunday afternoon, Chris checks out the rope bridge.
P3180161A.jpg (188577 bytes)
Prior to departure, campers pose near the Troop's portable flag pole for one last "photo op."
Pictured (L to R) are Paul, Florencio, Sam, Jacob, Shane, Chris, Alex, Dave, Mr. Meek, and
Mr. Freeman.  Mr. Runner gets the photo credit.