Troop 868 in Action

2nd Annual Plant Sale (May, 2001)

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As with most things in life, one gets better the second time around.  This was certainly true of Troop 868's second annual spring plant sale.  Flats of flower and vegetable plants and colorful hanging baskets filled a large part of the parking lot as we opened for business on Friday morning.  Impressed by the quality of the plants they purchased last year, customers returned in droves; many with pre-paid orders (which earned them a discount).  Total sales volume increased by nearly 300%.  God provided warm, sunny weather throughout the weekend followed by a good, soaking rain on Monday night --- so all the plants everyone planted over the weekend got a good, natural watering.

The troop holds the sale in the parking lot of the main shopping center in Shepherdsville, definitely a prime location!  We are sincerely indebted to Center Services, Inc. for allowing us to use this site and to the management of KFC who provided us with restroom access, water, and several meals during the weekend.  A number of other Shepherdsville merchants placed advertising for us on their outdoor signs.   Mostly, though, we appreciate all the customers who supported us and helped our boys go to summer camp in the process!  THANK YOU.

Nothing says "Boy Scouts" like the presence of canvas wall tents!  Ours were set up across KFC's lawn and draped with banners.  The Scouts worked the project literally around the clock, helping customers to their cars with purchases during daylight hours and providing security overnight.  In the photo at right, David (who worked the overnight security detail the previous evening) fell asleep sitting up mid-afternoon on Friday.