Troop 868 in Action


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The first Saturday in May marks both the running of the Kentucky Derby and Troop 868's annual plant sale.  The 3-day sale has traditionally been held on Friday-Saturday-Sunday of Derby weekend at the Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center.

The troop begins taking pre-orders in January.  Scouts go door to door in neighborhoods on weekends in February and early March.  On Thursday afternoon of sale week, the scouts turn a corner of the shopping center's parking lot into an outdoor garden of bedding plants, potted plants, and hanging baskets.  Scouts and parents are on-site around the clock for 3 days and nights.  The sale is simultaneously one of the troop's major fundraising events and a time of fun and fellowship.  Nearly every scout and scout family participates.

Flats of bedding plants and hundreds of baskets fills dozens of tables.  More baskets are hang from ropes.
Boston Ferns and baskets of mixed (red/white/blue or purple/white) petunias are always popular items. Scouts, like Stephen, walk the sales area arranging product and assisting customers.
Mrs. Guelda enters a customer's order into the computer.  Tracking inventory is very important. Scouts Stephen, Alex, Andrew, and James take a break.  Mr. Hagan is seated at the table.