Troop 868 in Action

6th Annual Plant Sale (May, 2005)

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By the luck of the draw, the Kentucky Derby (always the first Saturday in May) and Mothers' Day weekend happened to coincide this year.  This occurrence coupled with beautiful spring weather throughout the weekend led to the troop's most successful Plant Sale to date. 

Starting on a Saturday in January, Troop 868 scouts walked Shepherdsville subdivisions door-to-door seeking customers and encouraging them to place pre-orders at discounted prices.  These Saturday "neighborhood walks" continued during February and early March.

On Thursday afternoon of sale weekend, scouts and troop parents set up tables, hooked up phone and electric lines, setup our computerized point-of-sale system, and prepared for plants to arrive from our grower.  A corner of the parking lot of the Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center is quickly transformed into an outdoor flower market.  The first greenhouse delivery arrived around 10 PM and a small army of workers was ready to receive them.  Hundreds of hanging baskets, planters, and flats of bedding plants were quickly sorted and arranged for pickup by our pre-order customers or public sales beginning at first light on Friday morning.

And sure enough ... our first customer showed up early Friday morning before we even had a chance to scarf down a doughnut!  A steady stream of patrons continued throughout the day and almost to dark.  Saturday customers slept a bit later, but once they got up and about, business throughout the day was equally steady.  Sunday mornings are always slow, but early afternoon business was once again brisk, with many customers stopping by to pick out a plant on the way to visit their mothers.

The annual sale has become a Shepherdsville tradition with a significant number of customers purchasing from us year after year.  We truly appreciate their loyalty and work hard to keep earning their business.  We are thankful to the entire community for their support and especially to the Shepherdsville KFC that allows us to tap their water spigot to keep the plants watered throughout the weekend.

Vincent, Chris, and Trey hit the streets in a Shepherdsville subdivision with order forms in hand. Aaron and Tim team up to work one side of a street.
Assistant Scoutmaster Clint Vissers keeps track of scouts' whereabouts and plans which streets to visit next. Trey mounts the steps of a residence hoping to make a sale.
Customers browse the public sales area mid-afternoon on Saturday of sale weekend. A variety of baskets hang from a wooden tripod that scouts lashed together to give our sales area that "Scouting" look.
Scout Patrick assists a customer trying to decide between different varieties of petunias. More baskets hang from sturdy ropes stretched across the parking lot at the Shepherdsville Shopping Center.