Troop 868 in Action

7th ANNUAL PLANT SALE (May, 2006)

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Troop 868's annual sale of bedding plants, hanging baskets, and colorful planters has become a community tradition.  The sale actually begins each year in early January when scouts spend several Saturdays walking through subdivisions delivering order forms to homes and asking residents to purchase from us.  Scouts initial the order forms they distribute and earn money to pay a portion of their way to summer camp based on the value of customers' orders.

Plants are then grown specifically for our pre-order customers by a local greenhouse and are ready for pickup and planting on Derby Weekend --- always the first Saturday in May.  The troop orders extra plants to be available for sale to the general public on pickup weekend.

Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center hosts the annual sale and the neighboring KFC restaurant allows us to tap their outdoor spigot to keep the plants watered and healthy throughout the weekend.

On Thursday afternoon of sale weekend, scouts and troop parents set up tables, hook up phone and electric lines, setup our computerized point-of-sale system, and prepare for plants to arrive from our grower.  A corner of the parking lot of the Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center is quickly transformed into an outdoor flower market.  The first greenhouse delivery arrives later that evening and a small army of workers is ready to receive them.  Hundreds of hanging baskets, planters, and flats of bedding plants are quickly sorted and arranged for pickup or sale beginning at first light on Friday morning.

We are thankful to the entire community for their support.

Matt and Trey team up to distribute order forms on a chilly Saturday in January. Matt secures an order form under a porch mat to keep it from blowing away.
Nick comes down the sidewalk after covering his assigned territory. Chris looks to the bus to get instructions from one of the scoutmasters about where to go next.
Philip crosses a lawn en route to the next house. Tim and John pause for a Kodak moment.
Scoutmaster Meek sits with Chris, Nick, and Adam during a lunch break one Saturday at Mr. Gatti's Pizza. (L to R) Philip, Tim, John, and Matt chose seats where they can watch a big screen TV during their meal.
Dylan gets a hand from his dad as scouts and troop fathers set up a large canopy to keep the check-out area shaded and dry. With plenty of teamwork, the canopy is up and ready for use in only a few minutes.

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