Troop 868 in Action

8th ANNUAL PLANT SALE (May, 2007)

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Troop 868's annual sale of bedding plants, hanging baskets, and colorful planters has become a community tradition.  The sale actually begins each year in early January when scouts spend several Saturdays walking through subdivisions delivering order forms to homes and asking residents to place advance orders.  Scouts initial the order forms they distribute and earn the funds they need to pay their way to summer camp.

Plants are grown by a local greenhouse and delivered Thursday night before our public sale on Derby weekend -- that always spans the first Saturday in May.  Pre-order customers come by to pick up their orders that the troop keeps separated from plants available for sale to the general public.

Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center hosts the annual sale and the neighboring KFC restaurant allows us to tap their outdoor spigot to keep the plants watered and healthy throughout the weekend.

On Thursday afternoon of sale weekend, scouts and troop parents set up tables and transform a corner of the parking lot into an outdoor flower market.  Hundreds of hanging baskets, planters, and flats of bedding plants are sorted, arranged, and made ready for sale beginning at first light on Friday morning.  The troop's "mom squad" runs our point of sale system throughout the weekend; scouts are on hand to carry purchases to customers' vehicles and assist as directed.  We couldn't do it without the support of our troop moms. 

KFC and Arby's both feed us throughout the weekend.  We are truly grateful to both restaurants, shopping center management, and the entire community for their support.

Jonathan rings a doorbell on a Saturday in January.  The white streaks in the photo are snow flurries.. The snow doesn't seem to bother Connor.
Tim walks to the next house as the scouts work their way through a Shepherdsville neighborhood. Stephen talks to a resident.  Door to door selling isn't easy, but it's a good experience for the scouts.
The "Neighborhood Walk" Saturdays generally include lunch.  Connor, Scoutmaster Bob Meek, and Dylan are shown here. Scouts pause for a photo before boarding the troop bus and call it quits for this particular Saturday.
Customers browse the lot early Friday morning when selection is best. Trey and troop mom Ann McClure assist a pre-order customer in double-checking her order.
Chris assists a customer in selecting plants appropriate for the place she wants to plant them. Stephen carried a customer's order to the check out area.
Troop mom Julia Brown rings up a customer's order as Committee Member Angie Mikesell looks on. Stephen and Tim visit with Stephen's grandmother who stopped by to purchase some plants.
Troop mom Donna Canchola enters an order into the troop's computerized point-of-sale system. Mrs. Brown bags up an order so that Adam and Gabe can carry it to the customers' vehicle.
Tim, Philip, and Stephen set up a video game system in the back of the troop truck in preparing for overnight security detail. After being up all night, Tim fell asleep in a chair the following afternoon but Trey made sure he didn't get any rest.
By Sunday afternoon, everyone was tired.  But Chris was still hanging in there. Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman and Committee Member Steve Kmiec both helped with take-down/clean-up.