Troop 868 in Action

9th ANNUAL PLANT SALE (May, 2008)

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The troop's annual plant sale actually begins with "neighborhood walks" during the months of January and February when scouts spend several Saturdays going door-to-door seeking pre-orders for bedding plants, hanging baskets, and planters.  Plants are grown for the troop by a local greenhouse.  Order pickup and a public sale are held on Kentucky Derby weekend in early May. 

Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center hosts the annual sale and we transform a corner of their parking lot into an outdoor flower market filled with hundreds of hanging baskets, planters, and flats of bedding plants.  The neighboring KFC restaurant allows us to tap their outdoor spigot to keep the plants watered and healthy throughout the weekend.   

The troop's "mom squad" handles checkout and scouts are on hand to carry purchases to customers' vehicles and assist as directed.  Several local restaurants, including Arby's, Gatti's Pizza, and Sonic, each fed us several meals.  We are truly grateful to the shopping center management and all the local businesses that support us.

Chris talks to a potential customer on one cold Saturday in January. Gabe secures a sale and answers a question about our order form.
Alex and Stephen are both bundled up but Tim (in shorts) isn't bothered by the cold. Nick walks across a yard as he goes from house to house.
Tim, Adam, and Nick during a lunch break at the Community Center.  On a different Saturday, Scouts took a lunch break at Gatti's Pizza in Shepherdsville.  Visible (L to R) are Tim, Gabe, Matt, Chris, and John.
On Sale Weekend in May, tables are well-stocked with fresh bedding plants in wait of customers to buy them. Colorful plants fill other tables.
Baskets hang from overhead ropes supported by a lashed tripod and other baskets are set on tables. Pre-ordered plants are segregated in a side area awaiting customer pick-up.
Scouts chat with customers. Mrs. Vissers chats with Dylan under the check-out tent during a lull in customer traffic.
As the sale winds down on Sunday afternoon, the selection begins to look sparse. Chris and Nick are among the scouts on hand to help with the take-down and clean up operation.