Troop 868 in Action

PLANT SALE (May 2009)

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The troop's annual plant sale kicks off in early January when scouts begin contacting customers and taking orders for bedding plants, hanging baskets, and planters to be picked up on Derby weekend (always the first Saturday of May).  Plants are grown for the troop by a local greenhouse and delivered fresh the day before they are picked up.

Traditionally held in the parking lot of the Shepherdsville Square Shopping Center, we decided to dispense with public sales this year and move order pick-up to the Shepherdsville Community Center.  This worked out well and pre-sales increased significantly.  Setup was much easier and we didn't have to worry about the plants getting rained on, wind blown, or scorched by the sun.

The troop's "mom squad" once again handled checkout duties and scouts were on hand to carry purchases to customers' vehicles.  Being indoors also totally eliminated the problem of sun glare on the computer monitors which had been a real problem during certain hours of the day.

Our grower made delivery on Thursday night.  Troop scouts and parents lined up at the door of the Community Center to carry in the plants as they were unloaded. The most efficient way to move hundreds of flats of flowers was to form an old style "bucket brigade" and pass the flats down the line where they would ultimately be placed on tables and sorted.
Mrs. Guelda and Mr. DiEnno hunted for a tag on a flat to verify the contents as plants were being sorted. During the sale, uniformed scouts like Adam and Nick were on hand to pull orders and carry them to customers' vehicles.
Assistant Scoutmaster Stephen Guelda phoned customers to remind them to come and pickup their order. Flowers drop petals and leaves as they get moved around, so sweeping the floor as Drew is doing was a constant chore.