Troop 868 in Action


(May 4~6, 2012)
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Our annual PLANT SALE is the troop's oldest fundraising project.  Begun in 2000 during our second year of operation, proceeds from the Plant Sale helped us purchase tents, camping equipment, and the troop truck.  Now that the troop pretty much owns all the equipment it needs, profits from the Plant Sale help support the troop's annual program, including given our scouts a way to earn a significant part of the cost to take our annual summer camp road trips.

Scouts start taking pre-orders in early January and continue to sell up until the week before plants are available for pickup (what we call "sale weekend").  The vast majority of our sales come from pre-ordered bedding plants, hanging baskets, or decorative planters, but most years we also have plants available for retail sale.  Most years we have been able to conduct our public sale in the parking lot of a local shopping center, but things didn't work out for us to be able to do that this year, so we didn't do an public selling.

Customers pickup their pre-ordered plants at the Community Center where we meet.  Parents are on-hand to double-check each order and scouts are there to carry their purchases to their cars.  When folks buy plants from the Boy Scouts, they appreciate having a uniformed scout there to carry out their purchase and thank them for their business.  Everything we do in Scouting can be a "teachable moment" and the Plant Sale provides us an opportunity to teach the boys how to give good customer service.


Hanging baskets lined up on the floor at the Community Center awaiting customer pickup. Large tubs of red geraniums and mixed planters in various shapes and sizes ready for pick-up.
A colorful hanging basket of mixed red, white, and blue petunias.  This item is always one of our best sellers. Huge healthy boston ferns occupied a section of floor space.
Troop parents Michelle Spalding and Donna Canchola sorted and double-checked everything before we opened for business on Friday morning.  The various plants were sorted to make it easy to assemble customers' orders as they arrived.  A computerized order system helps us keep everything straight.  Postcards are mailed to customers a few days before sale weekend reminding them to come and pickup their plants.
Pack 868 den leaders Vicki Dever, Billy Frank, and Drema Cleveland double-checked a customer's order to make sure it was complete. Because customers don't always arrive in a steady stream, scouts entertained themselves by reading or playing board games when things were slow.  (L to R) Connor, Gavin, Brixton, Kraig, and Noah.