Troop 868 in Action

(January 15~17, 2010)

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Troop 868 has a long tradition of inviting Webelos from all Shepherdsville area Cub Scout Packs to go winter "cabin camping" with us during the month of January.  The destination for this year's trip was Rotary Scout Reservation (aka Camp Rotary) near Glasgow, KY.

This year's group of Webelos was smaller than usual, but those who participated all had a great time.  Most of the boys chose to sleep in the "Upper Cabin" which had a wood burning stove, but the adults and a few of the hardier Boy Scouts slept in one of several "staff cabins" located nearby.

The main building is an authentic log cabin that dates back to the 1930's.  However, it was remodeled a couple of years ago and a second floor sleeping loft was added at that time.

The weekend program included instruction for the Webelos in firebuilding, orienteering, first aid, cooking, and how to conduct an outdoor flag ceremony.  Saturday afternoon included an opportunity to launch model rockets --- a couple of which got hung in trees and lost during their descent!

Saturday night featured a campfire program but a planned night hike was cancelled due to rain that began falling just as the campfire program was ending.  Sunday morning included an in-camp worship service.  The Webelos got to experience winter camping Boy Scout style as well as complete several advancement requirements for various Webelos Activity Pins.  The outing was a huge success.

Nick, Adam, and Jon enjoy cups of hot cocoa as they wait for the fire to burn down to coals so they can cook pancakes. That would be Gabe bundled like an eskimo cooking sausage for breakfast.
Tyler and Chase take a turn doing the breakfast dishes. Toby prepares to chop wood in the axe yard as Connor supervises and other scouts watch.
Nick pokes fun at Scoutmaster Meek who is busy fixing his trademark grilled cheese sandwiches. On Saturday afternoon, Adam led the group in launching model rockets to complete Space Exploration merit badge.
This is the "upper cabin" at Camp Rotary.  The outside dates back to the 1930s, but the inside has been remodeled. These small concrete block buildings were staff cabins back in the days when Camp Rotary was a Boy Scout summer camp.
ASM Mike Canchola and Troop Committee Member Steve Kmiec sat and chatted. After dinner, Dylan passed around a package of Oreo cookies.
As night fell, boys had a chance to relax inside the cabin.  Dylan chose to spend some time reading. Another group of scouts broke out a deck of cards and played some silly game they learned last year at summer camp.
One scout lost a pocketknife, so the entire unit formed a police line and tried to find it.  Unfortunately, it wasn't found. The duty roster must be fair when even ASPL Adam and SPL Nick are taking a turn at dish duty!