Troop 868 in Action
(January 14~16, 2011)
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      Troop 868 in Action

Troop 868 takes a winter cabin camping trip every January and invites Webelos from several Shepherdsville-area Cub Scout packs to tag along.  The entire weekend focuses on helping the Webelos complete activity pin requirements and on introducing them to the fun of Boy Scout camping.

For 2011, we once again returned to Rotary Scout Reservation near Glasgow, Kentucky.  We had reserved the "upper cabin" at the camp, but upon arrival we discovered that a scheduling error had occurred and that the cabin had been double-booked.  Another troop had arrived and moved in before we got there!  So, being scouts who can deal with any situation, our patrols settled into the much smaller and unheated "staff cabins" that dated back to the days when Camp Rotary was an actual Boy Scout camp.  God blessed us with milder than expected weather, so the smaller cabins actually worked out quite well for us.  We did all of our cooking outside and held our Saturday night campfire program and Sunday morning worship service in the camp's council ring.  Our planned weekend activities went on pretty much as planned and the Webelos not only had a good time camping with the Boy Scouts, but they also learned a lesson in how Boy Scouts deal with the unexpected and make the best of things.

The small concrete block "cabins" where we camped for the weekend. A group of Webelos hamming it up for our photographer on Saturday morning as the Boy Scouts work to get fires started.
Boy Scouts Nick and Adam with the "animal" they captured in the woods.  A very well-played joke. Boy Scout Toby conducts a class on woods tools safety and taught the Webelos to chop wood with an axe. 
For Saturday lunch, Noah, Preston, and one of the Webelos prepared cheese sandwiches for grilling. Dylan (braving the smoke by wearing safety goggles) and Tyler teamed up to grill the sandwiches.
Meanwhile, Nicholas prepared Chicken Noodle soup to warm everyone up on a cold day. On Saturday afternoon, scouts in this patrol sat around and brainstormed ideas for a campfire skit.
Toby holds the remains of a raccoon skeleton on a stick.  With him are two Webelos scouts. Chase, Kraig, and Spencer enjoying some free time sitting on a log talking.
The sun was starting to set as the boys gathered around to learn how to set up one of the troop's canvas wall tents. It was dark by the time we ate Saturday night dinner, but no one seemed to mind.  Out in the woods, we operate on God's time!
Connor and Adam service color guard duty as scouts stood in formation for flag raising on Sunday morning. Troop 868 always conducts a worship service on Sunday mornings.  On this occasion, Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman delivered the morning message.