Troop 868 in Action


(Friday~Sunday, May 18~20, 2012)
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The troop's May outing was a visit to Rotary Scout Reservation near Glasgow, Kentucky.  The primary advancement objective for the weekend was to help all our newest scouts earn their Scout badge and work on requirements for both Tenderfoot and Second Class.  Another goal was to give all the boys a final opportunity to get used to the Patrol Method of operation and our expectations for scouts prior to our summer camp trip.  And our final objective was to re-install a large "ROTARY SCOUT RESERVATION" sign at the camp's main entrance.  We found the sign knocked down and rusting beside a building on a previous visit to the camp nearly two years ago.  We brought it back to Shepherdsville and enlisted the services of the welding/metalworking department at the Bullitt County Area Technology Center to cut new aluminum letters (that won't ever rust) and repair the sign.  The BC-ATC class finished their work in May 2011 and returned the sign to us but this was our first opportunity to visit Camp Rotary since that time.  On Saturday afternoon, while most of the younger scouts were doing a 4-mile hike, our adult leaders and several of our older scouts mounted the refurbished sign using our troop bus as a mobile ladder.  The installation took about 2 hours.  On Saturday afternoon, many of the boys built straw "huts" using dead limbs and branches covered by hay gathered from the field where we camped.  They were really pretty neat and several boys slept on Saturday night insight the shelters they had built.  Late on Saturday afternoon most of the group went swimming in the camp's pond and many were able to complete their Second Class and First Class aquatic requirements.  The weather was excellent all weekend and the outing was a great success.


Alex crosses the road to join his buddies (L to R) Tristan, Tyrael, Eric, Gavin, Noah, Dylan, and Andrew for a 4-mile hike back to camp. The boys walked single-file facing traffic in the grass along the side of the road.
Meanwhile, back at the camp entrance, Mr. Maddox stood on the roof of the bus and swing the second end of the sign into position. Mr. Maddox then screwed down lag bolts to secure it into position.  Noah was up on the bus with him to hand him whatever tools he needed.
Cranking down the lag bolts took several minutes work in a somewhat awkward position. Though shaded by the trees and difficult to read at this angle, the finished sign looked great.  It reads "ROTARY SCOUT RESERVATION." 
The Cobra Patrol campsite. Scouts gathered around the shepherd stove cooking Saturday morning breakfast in the Beaver Patrol campsite.
Assistant Beaver Patrol Leader Brixton took some good-looking pancakes off the griddle and placed them on a plate held by Andrew. Over in the Cobra Patrol, Quartermaster Tyler, Patrol Leader Kraig, and Noah fried eggs to make breakfast sandwiches.
Senior Patrol Leader Spencer, a member of the Falcon Patrol, cooked french toast. Fellow Falcon Patrol scouts Connor (Patrol Leader), Zach, and Tristan waited for breakfast to be served.
This is the 3 man straw hut constructed by Kraig, Spencer, and Noah built in the shade of the woods. Tristan, Toby, and Brixton built their shelter out in the middle of the field.  Freshly mowed grass provided more than enough hay for the projects.
Tents in the Falcon Patrol had the flaps open for ventilation on Saturday afternoon. This is a view of our entire campsite with each of the patrols in their own distinct area.  Beavers to the left, Falcons in the middle, Cobras at right.
With the afternoon temperature near 90, it was a perfect day for a swim in the camp lake.  Scouts waited on the dock for their turn to take a swim test before Mr. Meek would turn them loose in the water. We also used the swim time as an opportunity to work on Second Class and First Class aquatics requirements.  This is Alex throwing a ring bouy to rescue Scoutmaster Meek or Connor who played the role of distressed swimmers in need of assistance.