Troop 868 in Action
CAMP RANSBURG (March, 2010)

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This was Troop 868's first visit to Ransburg Scout Reservation.  Even though it's only about 3 hours away, the camp had never before appeared on our radar.  Now that we've been there, this probably won't be our last visit.  Part of our reason for going was to check out the reservation as a possible summer camp destination.

On this outing, we tent camped in a site near the middle of the camp.  On Saturday, most of our group hiked a perimeter trail that led through all the major program areas.  Others preferred to remain in camp and concentrate on various "road toward First Class" skills.

The weather forecast called for rain on Sunday morning, but the showers held off until well after lunchtime.  We were able to get all packed up and had departed camp before the rain started.  Even though we had to drive through rain for most of the trip home, we were thankful not to have to deal with wet tents and equipment.  By the time we reached Shepherdsville, we were south of the front and skies were clear.

Cooking breakfast in the Falcon Patrol (clockwise) are Toby, D.J., Adam, Nick, Preston, Spencer, and Dylan. Meanwhile, over in the Cobra Patrol Tyler, Jonathan, Kraig, and Gabe are getting ready to cook.
It must be morning, because Assistant Scoutmasters Hagerman and Canchola are still nursing cups of coffee! The Cobra Patrol campsite.
The Adult campsite. The Falcon Patrol campsite.
Older scouts work with younger scouts on various scout skills and advancement requirements. Scoutmaster Meek cooked breakfast, so Assistant Scoutmasters Canchola and Hagerman pulled dish duty.
Spencer, Jon, and Preston handed gear onto the troop truck as SPL Nick performed Quartermaster duty and did the packing. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Adam helped carry gear to the truck for loading.
(Behind the sign):  Scoutmaster Bob Meek and ASM Mike Canchola.  (Left side):  Jon, Spencer, Gabe, D.J., Tyler, and Preston.  (Front):  Thomas, Jonathan, Toby, and Kraig.  (Right side):  Gabe, Drew, Nick, Adam, and Dylan.