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Summer Camp @ Resica Falls (July, 2006)

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For summer camp 2006, Troop 868 ventured once again into the northeastern United States with the intent of spending a week at Treasure Island Scout Reservation.  Being either the oldest or second oldest continuously operating Boy Scout camp in the country, Treasure Island is located on two almost adjoining islands in the middle of the Delaware River that separates northern Pennsylvania from southern New Jersey.  Our reservations were confirmed and everything was good to go when we departed Shepherdsville on June 24 for a week of pre-camp touring on our way to resident camp the first week of July.

Much to our dismay, the tailwinds of a hurricane unleashed non-stop rain on much of the Northeast, including the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Much of that rainfall found its way into the Delaware River and news came 4 days before we were scheduled to arrive at camp that Treasure Island had been flooded, evacuated, and closed for the season!

Fortunately, the Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA owns and operates two Boy Scout resident camps and they were able to accommodate us at Resica Falls Scout Reservation near Marshall's Creek, PA.  More about Resica Falls later ... for now, let's look at our week of pre-camp touring.

Since Troop 868 seems to have adopted a policy of traveling out of council and out of state to visit a different Boy Scout resident camp every year, an associated week of sightseeing has become a troop tradition.  This year was no exception.  

The troop departed Shepherdsville early on Saturday morning June 24 with our first destination being Beckley, West Virginia.  We had made arrangements to "camp" indoors for two nights at First Baptist Church in Beckley.  We slept in some Sunday School rooms on the third floor.  An adjoining game room featuring a pool table, a fuzz ball table, and other games proved to be extremely popular with the scouts.  We ate a simple continental breakfast of cereal, fruit, and doughnuts at the church early Sunday morning before changing into our class A uniforms for Sunday School and the morning worship service.

(L to R):  ASM Chuck Davis, Patrick, Philip, Clinton, Dylan, ASM Dave Meek, Nick, Adam, Chris, Vincent, Stephen, Tim, Trey, and Scoutmaster Bob Meek. The first meal of trip was a picnic lunch at an interstate rest area on I-64 as we headed for Beckley, West Virginia.
Having been on the bus for several hours, scouts were literally ready to climb a tree. Older scouts Tim and Patrick gave younger scout Adam a lift onto the lowest branch.
Even without being reminded, scouts naturally paired off on the "buddy system" and watched for traffic before crossing the road.  Vincent and Dylan are pictured on the left; Trey and Patrick at right.
The troop had some extra time in Beckley, so we decided to visit the Tamarack arts & crafts mall. Patrick checked out a rocking horse.  All he needs now is a 10-gallon hat and a six-shooter.  
Dinner the first night on the road was at a Ryan's Steakhouse where the boys all got their money's worth. The game room at First Baptist Church was a popular hangout on Saturday night.
The troop paused for prayer before breakfast on Sunday morning.  Trey wasn't the only scout to find chocolate milk appealing. 
After breakfast, scouts changed into class A uniforms and hit the game tables before Sunday School. This photo taken from the balcony doesn't adequately capture the beauty of First Baptist Church. 

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