Troop 868 in Action

Camp Rotary & Trashmasters' Classic (September, 2001)

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Having enjoyed attending the annual Barren River Scout Celebration for several years, Troop 868's PLC decided to return to Barren River Lake to participate in the Trashmasters' Classic lakeshore cleanup.  Though invited to camp at Bailey's Point Campground at Barren River Lake, the boys instead chose Camp Rotary in nearby Glasgow, KY as their home for the weekend.  With school back in session and gear to be loaded, the troop didn't depart St. A until nearly 7:00 PM and rolled into camp after dark.  The more experienced scouts worked together in teams to erect tents and dining flys in each patrol site as the newer boys held flashlights and propane lanterns.   Teamwork paid off and every scout was moved into a tent and all patrols were preparing to cook dinner in just over an hour.  After a late bedtime and a relatively short night's sleep, the troop was up at dawn to eat a quick breakfast then board the bus to travel on to Barren River Lake.

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Scouts load equipment onto the troop bus.  The troop quartermaster was on board doing the packing as the SPL directed the loading crew. Mr. Guzman holds a trashbag and supervises as Phillip and Florencio sort some of the garbage they collected in preparation for recycling.
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Part of the troop poses for a picture as they comb their assigned section of the lakeshore.  Standing (L to R) are Justin, Dave, Ben, Chris, Alex, Scoutmaster Freeman, Jason, and Florencio.  Kneeling (L ro R) are Tyler and Patrick.  (As usual, Mr. Meek is behind the camera!)
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After several hours of plucking trash from the shore and among the weeds, all volunteers were rewarded with a meal of burgers and hot dogs at a "beach party" hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.   Standing (L to R) are Alex, Chris, Aaron, Mr. Guzman, Phillip, Paul, Justin, and Mr. Freeman.  Kneeling (L to R) are Ben, Jason, and Tyler.  Buried in the sand is Senior Patrol Leader Dave.
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One can only wonder how the SPL ended up buried in the sand!
The beach party included entertainment by a local country music group and random drawings for door prizes.
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Back in camp on Saturday night, Troop 868 invited a Cub Scout Webelos den and Boy Scout Troop 747 (who were also camping at Camp Rotary) to stage a joint campfire.
(L to R) Chris, Patrick, and Paul are shown presenting a skit by the Cobra Patrol.
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The Cobra Patrol eats Sunday morning breakfast around their campfire.  (L to R) are Tyler, Chris, Paul, and Patrick. Meanwhile, over in the Stag Patrol site, Jason finds time to whittle a stick.
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The troop assembled to raise the colors before walking over to the camp's council ring for a worship service.

Ben and Phillip serve color guard duty.

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Before gear can be packed up, it must be cleaned.  Aaron prepares the wash water as Florencio and Alex stand by to assist with the Falcon Patrol's breakfast dishes. Over in the Stag Patrol, SPL Dave takes his turn at KP duty.