Troop 868 in Action

Camp Rotary (June, 2003)

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Each summer, Troop 868 tries to hold at least one campout devoted to helping newer scouts gain the basic scoutcraft skills required for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank advancement.  We call this a "basic scouting" campout and try to go someplace with a large open field for tent camping and plenty of woods for plant and animal identification.  For the summer of 2003, the location chosen by the PLC was Camp Rotary near Glasgow, Kentucky.  The camp is relatively small and not heavily used.  It was originally developed as a Boy Scout summer resident camp, but was closed and later sold to the Glasgow Rotary Club following a council merger.  The Rotary Club graciously makes the camp available to youth groups, including scouts, at nominal cost.

Florencio (on stool) shows Stephen how to splice rope. Nathan, Aaron, and Andrew enjoy pancakes for breakfast.
Eagle Scouts Paul, Chris, and Dave are ready for breakfast in the Eagle Patrol site. Chris (at right) conducts a knife & ax course for students Joe and Andrew as Mr. Guzman observes.
Joe and Stephen practice knots for Pioneering Merit Badge on the porch of a lodge near our campsite. Florencio, Andrew, Nathan, and Aaron fellowship around the campfire as dinner is cooking.
Stephen, James, and Tim gather kindling to build a campfire that "can be seen from space." Dave and Chris fold the colors at an evening flag lowering ceremony.