Troop 868 in Action

CAMP ROTARY (February 2005)

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February camping in Kentucky can be warm and sunny or cold and wet --- or both extremes over a 3-day period.  Such was our experience during a weekend campout in the "lower cabin" at Camp Rotary.  The camp features two cabins that can be used for winter camping.  The "lower cabin" where we stayed is located on the banks of a river at the bottom of a steep hill.  The access road is too narrow for vehicles, so all gear has to be carried in (not too difficult) and back out (a bit more challenging).

The lower cabin featured one large room with a nice fireplace at one end and cots for 9 campers.  Other scouts slept on the wooden floor.  The cabin also had an enclosed back porch that was shielded from the wind, but not insulated or heated --- and that's where the leaders slept!  The cabin had electric lights, but no plumbing --- water was available at an outdoor hydrant at the top of the hill.  But a nice field latrine was located near the cabin.  All cooking was done outdoors in typical Troop 868 style over wood fires.

Friday night skies were clear and a near-full moon provided so much natural light that we didn't need flashlights to see our way carrying gear down to the cabin.  Overnight temperatures dipped into the mid-30's but Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny.  Saturday temperatures climbed into the mid-60s and it turned out to be a great spring-like day for hiking around camp and working on scout advancement.  Saturday night wasn't quite as cold but rain moved in and Sunday was wet with showers that ranged from a light drizzle to drenching rain.  The trail up the hill was muddy and slow-going.  Everyone got soaked to the skin ferrying our equipment back out, but everyone pulled together and no one complained --- a testament to our scouts' spirit.

A couple of sleepyheads have trouble getting up on Saturday morning. Patrol Leader Stephen and Jeremy get a fire started to cook breakfast in the Cobra Patrol.
Justin learns that chopping wood can be a lot of fun! Aaron feeds the Cobra Patrol fire.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster David fixes himself some hot cocoa as ASM Paul Guzman prepares dish water. Troop Committee Member Pat McClure takes a turn at washing dishes for the adult patrol.
Trey, Vincent, and Tim test sit a damaged porch swing they tried to fix with lashings.  Aaron observes. Falcon Patrol members (L to R) Philip, Tyler, Patrick (back to camera), Joe, and Clinton cook lunch on Saturday.
SPL Tim and Cobra PL Stephen play their parts in a campfire skit as other actors stand at the ready. Tyler, Stephen, and Trey hang around after the campfire as fire marshals and to do some stargazing.
A view looking down from the porch of the cabin on Falcon PL Patrick as he cooks Sunday morning breakfast for his patrol. A couple of wet scouts try to warm up and dry out by the fire as the troop moves out on Sunday afternoon.
JASM David delivers the morning message as the troop conducts a Sunday morning worship service in the cabin. David looks on as Chaplain Aide Vincent reads a passage from the Bible.