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SCOUTING FOR FOOD (November 2008)

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For 2008, Troop 868 was joined by local Cub Scout Packs 686, 848, and 868 in a joint effort to cover a huge geographic territory that covered roughly half the homes in Shepherdsville.  On Saturday, Nov 8, scouts visited each house and placed a flyer explaining the Scouting for Food on each front door.  Mid-week, real estate style reminder signs were placed at the entrance of each subdivision.  Then, on Saturday, November 15, scouts returned to the neighborhoods collecting food donations that residents had placed on their front porches.

The flyer distribution went much more quickly and only took about half the day, leaving the afternoon open for the scouts to go bowling.  But collecting, sorting, and counting all the donated food was a much bigger project and took the full day.  It was already getting dark when the last street was completed shortly after 6 PM.

Over the course of both Saturdays, at total of 44 youth and 35 adults worked 580 hours to collect just over 2 tons of donated canned goods and other non-perishable food items such as cereal, cake mixes, macaroni, and rice.  All of the donated food was sorted then delivered to the emergency food bank at the Community Action Agency in Shepherdsville where it will be used to provide emergency assistance to Bullitt County families during the next 12 months.  Scouting for Food is the primary means by which the food bank is stocked.

Photos from the food collection Saturday are shown below.  Photos from the afternoon bowling activity on the first Saturday are posted on Cub Scout Pack 868's website at

It was cold and wet as scouts walked Shepherdsville neighborhoods collecting food. This particular Cub Scout looked more prepared for the weather than his father.  Enthusiasm was not lacking!
The cold and rain obviously bothered some scouts less than others, but everybody kept working. Scouts carried donated food to the troop bus where parents removed it from plastic bags and placed it into boxes.
For most of the Cub Scouts, Scouting for Food was either a father-son or mother-son activity. Cole from Cub Scout Pack 686 shows one of many bags that he collected during the day.
Back at the Community Center for a lunch break, scouts and leaders unloaded the morning's collection to make room on the bus for food yet to be collected during the afternoon. Troop 868 Boy Scouts Alex, Nick, and Tim chowed down on Papa John's pizza, hot dogs, and pretzels --- real scout food! 
Everyone seemed to enjoy the food as well as the opportunity to get inside to take a break, dry off, and warm up. This distinguished crew of workers from Pack 686 managed to snag their share of the pizza.
Troop 868 Boy Scout Dalton brought along a couple of friends to help and even loaned them some troop shirts to wear.  We appreciated their assistance.  Future scouts, maybe? After the lunch break, most the Cub Scouts (except for a couple of hardy Webelos) cut out, but the day didn't end for the Boy Scouts who were soon back into the neighborhoods.
Conor was bundled for the weather as he helped unload food from the troop bus after all collections were finally completed. Pack 868 Webelos leader Jeff Hagerman passed boxes of food out the hatch to Pack 868 Cubmaster Patrick McClure.