Troop 868 in Action
(November 13 & November 20, 2010)

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Scouting for Food is an annual event for many Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts throughout the Lincoln Heritage Council.  The event spans two Saturdays in mid-November.  On the first Saturday, scouts deliver informational flyers to all the homes in an assigned territory.  The following Saturday, they go back to those same neighborhoods to pickup donated canned goods and other non-perishable foods, like peanut butter, cereal, rice, pancake mix, and things of that nature.  Troop 868 partners with Cub Scout Pack 868 to cover a huge area that includes nearly half the homes in Shepherdsville.

Two Guys Printing in Shepherdsville printed the flyers for us as a community service.  They have done this for several years and we really appreciate their support.

Delivering the flyers doesn't take as long as collecting the food, so we can cover our territory in about 5 hours.  This leaves time on Saturday afternoon to do something fun!  So, after flyer distribution was completed, the group ate lunch at the Community Center than went bowling.

For 2010, Troop 868 and Pack 868 once again took the food we collected to the food pantry program operated by First Baptist Church in Shepherdsville.  This is currently the primary food relief program serving Shepherdsville and the surrounding communities of Brooks, Nichols, and Lebanon Junction.  Many donors really appreciate the fact that their contributions are used to assist local families.

Troop 868 Boy Scout Nick working with two Webelos Cub Scouts from Pack 868. Troop 868 Boy Scouts Nick and Adam with another Pack 868 Webelos Cub Scout.
Pack 868 Den Leader Tonya Gordon served hot dogs as Spencer and Dylan engaged in a bit of friendly horseplay. Spencer, Thomas, Adam, Chris, and Nick in the serving line.
The Boy Scouts mostly chose to sit together as a group but shared their table with a Webelos Cub Scout. Boy Scouts Nicholas and Toby (facing forward) sat with Conor and Drew (backs to the camera).
Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Drew, Spencer, and Troop Committee Chairman Andy Rodabaugh bowled together. Boys chose their bowling buddies with most preferring to bowl with boys about the same age.
(L to R) Webelos Scout Adam, Boy Scout Drew, Webelos Scout Tate, Boy Scouts Toby and Tyler, Pack 868 Cubmaster Steven Frank, Boy Scout Noah, Chris Brown, Scoutmaster Bob Meek, and several Pack 868 Cub Scouts.    (L to R) Cub Scout Kenneth, Boy Scouts Chris and Drew, Webelos scouts Calvin and Devin, Committee Chair Andy Rodabaugh, Pack 868 Cubmaster Steven Frank, Boy Scouts Brixton, Toby, and Noah, and Scoutmaster Bob Meek.

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